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Advice and insight

Support from your proactive recruitment partner

Search and selection is just one aspect of what we do. The full Clear Edge experience offers holistic insight and support for both clients and candidates.

Cutting-edge insights

To attract the best candidates, it’s vital to understand today’s market. We keep up with the latest research, and contribute our own expertise in remuneration, skills, benchmarking and trends.

Transparent updates

You’ll have full, clear information on your placement, with regular updates from our own recruitment tracking system. For example, it tells you how many candidates we’ve spoken to, applications we’ve received and interviews we’ve conducted.

Local engagement events

If you’re hiring in one location, we’ll manage events – such as seminars or drop-in days – to raise your profile and encourage local engagement. We take care of all planning, execution and follow-up, saving you time whilst directly marketing your brand to potential hires.